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Battle of Columbias

The Battle of the Columbias Trophy

Earlier this week Steve Spurrier announced that South Carolina and Missouri would play for a "Battle of the Columbias" Trophy.   Since the two schools don't share a border and have only met twice on the gridiron there isn't much history between the two.  Here are some ideas(some serious, most not) for a trophy for the two schools to play for

    1. The Cock N' Rock Trophy- South Carolina is the Gamecocks, Mizzou is known for their Rocks in their endzone that form a giant "M".   Use these two items to come up with a trophy

2. Juan Valdez- The fictional Colombian Coffee man could be used
with his horse.  Sure, Columbia isn't spelled the same, but wouldn't Juan look nice next two South Carolina's Outback Bowl Trophy?

3. The Columbia Pictures Woman- One of the most well known logos in the country could become the signal of College Football's newest rivalry.

4. Tiger Cock Trophy-  A Tiger Cock is an actual type of bird. 

5. A Pig over a BBQ Pit- The two states are known for their fantastic BBQ.  South Carolina is known as the home to all flavors of BBQ, while Kansas City claims to have perfected all brands of BBQ.  Why not celebrate this with a BBQ trophy?

6. Cocaine- When you think of Colombia, you think of coffee and cocaine.  Again, it is spelled differently, but if you are on cocaine you won't notice the difference.

      7.  Arch & A Palmetto Tree- Probably the two symbols that most associate with each state.  The Arch in St. Louis and the Palmetto Tree would be a nice looking trophy if done right

8. Christopher Columbus-  The two cities are named after Columbus. 

9. A Visor-  Both Steve Spurrier and Gary Pinkel are known for their visors. 

  10.  A Keg of Beer-  Last year pictures of Steve Spurrier surfaced where he was drinking a Coors at a NASCAR Race.  Gary Pinkel was given a DWI in 2011 as well.  Why not celebrate the two coaches love for alcohol with a giant Keg?

Matt Barber

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