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DixiefriedDuds Preseason

Dixiefried Duds Preseason List

It's that time of the year again to start looking at the worst of College Football.   Each week I take a look around the country at true duds of the College Football World.   Here is my preseason list.

1. Notre Dame and Nebraska-   Why?  Why do two of the most historic programs in College Football History need to use uniform gimmicks to attract recruits?  Notre Dame's Gold Helmet is up there with the Yankee Pinstripes and the Green Bay "G" as the most known sports uniforms in American Sports.  Nebraska's Big red "N" isn't flashy, but it is what everyone thinks of when they think of Nebraska Football.  I certainly can understand why programs like Oregon, Oklahoma State, and Maryland turn to uniform gimmicks to attract recruits.  Those 3 programs lack tradition and don't have traditional uniforms that catch the eye of the College Football World.  Until the day comes when I hear a recruit say "I chose Oregon over Notre Dame because of their crazy uniforms" then I'll continue to think this is a mistake. 


2. Auburn Campus Security- Seriously Tiger fans, how did you let this guy on your campus and film this?  After the idiot Harvey Updyke ruined your trees at Toomer's Corner, you would think that the school would have a better watch at who is around the campus.   I am very interested in eating at Tony's Pizza though as any place that would sponsor this guy has to have great food in order to stay in business.

3. Craig James- The former SMU Running Back and former ESPN Personality failed at his bid to win the Texas Senate.   James was blown away by the competition like SMU was in the 1989 Houston game(SMU lost 95-21).  My only hope is that Craig James is never seen on sports television again. 

4. SEC Star Running Backs- Last season the SEC lost 2 great running backs and good student athletes due to injury when Knile Davis and Marcus Lattimore failed to finish the 2012 season.   This year the SEC loses 2 more great RBs, but due to problems away from the field.  Isaiah Crowell and Michael Dyer will not be a part of SEC Football this year.  Dyer couldn't even finish his career in the Sun Belt after being kicked off the Arkansas State Football team.


5. New Mexico Football-  I don't think this school will ever leave the DixiefriedDuds list.   Not only are the Lobos terrible as they have a 3-33 record since 2009, but they had to go out and hire Bob Davie.   Davie has been out of coaching for over a decade, but the Lobos thought that it would be a fantastic idea to take the most annoying football personality on TV and put him in charge of their football program.   Of course this is a football program that fired its all time winningest coach, Rocky Long, back in 2008.  Thankfully, the Mountain TV Network is dead so I won't accidently stumble upon Bob Davie when flipping through the 600 channels on Direct TV.

6. UNC Academics- You just don't expect a school that prides itself on being one of the top state supported universities in the country to be the subject of an academic fraud investigation.   North Carolina is certainly up there with institutions like Virginia and Michigan when it comes to academics, but neither has ever had an academic scandal like this.   Cheating happens in College Football all the time, but if you are going to do it then you better at least produce some great results on the field.  Since Mac Brown left UNC in 1997, the Heels have a record of 78-92, the 76th best record in the NCAA during this span. 

7. Jessica Dorrell & Bobby Petrino-  Let's not kid ourselves, affairs probably happen far more often than many would admit in the College Football World, but you do not hire a mistress that you are sleeping with. Had Petrino never hired Dorrell, this would have been a personal issue and not one the University needed to involve itself with.  This love affair led to the firing of one of the most popular coaches in Arkansas Athletic History and changed the way Arkansas approaches its 2012 season.   In my opinion this affair took Arkansas from being a National Championship contender for the next several seasons to becoming just another SEC program that will be looking for a new coach in 2012.  The right hire could keep this program rolling, but the wrong hire could have fans looking at this Petrino mess like they did the Nolan Richardson issues a decade ago. 


8. Joker Phillips- This past July Joker Phillips basically begged fans to support the Kentucky Football team in 2012.   Here's the deal Joker.......if you win they will show up.  If not then expect the upper levels of Commonwealth Stadium to be empty in 2012.   The only person to blame is yourself and if things don't change soon, then you will be a position coach somewhere in the SEC in 2012.  A loss to Louisville in week 1 could result in less than 60,000 showing up for the Kent State game. 

9. Wisconsin Thugs- A few weeks ago Wisconsin Running back Montee Ball was attacked by 5 "men".  Ball is without a doubt one of the leading Heisman Candidates entering this season.  Ball chose to come back to Wisconsin, despite the fact he probably could've made an impact for some NFL team in 2012.   Fortunately, Ball will be back on the field this year, but let's hope justice is served when dealing with these 5 individuals.

10. Penn State- Do I really need to go into detail as to why PSU belongs on this list?

Matt Barber

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