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Dixiefried Duds Week 2

Dixiefried Duds Week 2

1. Paul Petrino and John L. Smith-  Up 28-7 in the 3rd quarter on Louisiana-Monroe, Arkansas was forced to play a freshman at QB when Tyler Wilson went down with a head injury.   Instead of running the ball and taking time off the clock with two proven RBs in Knile Davis and Dennis Johnson the Razorbacks decided to toss the ball all over the field.  The Razorbacks only ran the ball 6 more times the rest of the game putting pressure on freshman Brandon Allen.  When the Hogs entered overtime, it was 3 passes and a field goal.   I hate to question playcalling, but this was the first game which we saw the Hogs really missed the playcalling of Petrino.  Arkansas fired Hayden Fox and hired Luther Van Damme. 

2. Colorado-  Hard to believe that this program won 4 conference championships and a national championship from 1989-2001 and 3 Big XII North Division Championships from 02-05.   The back to back losses to Sacramento State and Colorado State are inexcusable.  I don't expect John Embree to win a PAC XII Championship in year 2, but I do expect him to improve from a 3-10 year last season.  As we enter the 3rd week of the season, I am predicting that Colorado goes 0-12 in 2012.

3. Conference USA-  CUSA is one of two conferences(MWC the other) without an undefeated team.  It also has the worst winning pct in colllege football at a 5-15 record.  The preseason favorite, UCF, is in trouble with the NCAA.  Last year's champ Southern Miss lost 49-20 in week 1 and the West Division Champ Houston lost to Texas State. 

4. Steve Pederson- The Pitt AD has had 6 different head coaches in less than 2 years!! This has caused the Panther program to become one of the worst AQ teams in the country.   Pitt recently lost to Youngstown State and then followed it up with a 34-10 loss to an average Cincinnati team.  10 years ago Pederson fired Frank Solich at Nebraska.  Well, Solich led Ohio to its first bowl win in school history last season and this year has the Bobcats at a 2-0 start that includes a win at Penn State. 

5. Gene Chizik- With Cam Newton as a head coach Chizik has a record of 14-0.  Without Cam Newton he's 21-31.  Without Gus Malzahn he's now 0-2.   Chizik's offense is starting Kiehl Frazier at QB and as I predicted in the preseason, it's not working.  Frazier ran the Malzahn offense in high school and was brought to Auburn to run this style.  Instead, Chizik has him trying to run a more prostyle approach and it's a disaster for the Auburn offense.  I really didn't think Chizik would be on the hotseat in 2012, but if Auburn fails to produce a winning record he may be.

6. The U.-  I declared The U dead last year, but some still thought it could make a comeback.  Miami is nothing more than a private school with a good medical department in South Florida now days.   Kansas State humiliated the Canes on Saturday with a 52-13 victory.  From 1987 to 1989 Miami went 34-2 and Kansas State went 1-31-1.  If I had told you back then that one day KSU would beat Miami by more than 5 TDs you would have slapped me harder than John L. Smith slaps himself in press conferences.

7. Kickoffs from the 35-  It's early in the year, but College Football has seen an impact on this new rule change.  Touchbacks are up 24% this year.  South Carolina actually hasn't returned a kick all year because of this rule.  I know the rule was put into place to help with injuries on kickoffs, but do we really want to kill off an exciting part of the game?

8. Keith Price-  Last year the Washington QB put up huge numbers throwing for over 3,000 yards and 33 TD passes.  This year things have been awful for Price.  Currently Price ranks 97th in passing efficiency out of only 100 QBs who have thrown at least 15 passes this year.   Of course spending a week against LSU's defense certainly didn't help Price's numbers.

9. Eastern Michigan-  EMU not only lost to Illinois State, a FCS school, 31-14 but they also failed to have 7,000 people in the stands for their home opener.  If this team can't beat FCS schools and can't sale more than 10,000 tickets for their home games then why are they in the MAC?  Meanwhile, in Boone this past weekend Appalachian State(a FCS school) had over 30,000 in the stands to watch ASU beat Montana.  When you have 23,000 fewer fans in the stands than a FCS school you have some serious issues.

10. This Arkansas fan-  No explanation is needed is it?  Even though, if the Hogs do upset Bama I think this woman should perform live prior to the Rutgers game. 

Matt Barber
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