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Frank Martin Watch

Frank Martin Timeline

- Lunch Monday 3/12 A source tells Dixiefriedsports that Darrin Horn will be fired.  We first tweet this at 2:09.  The same source informs us that Gregg Marshall will not be a South Carolina Coaching Candidate due to things "other than salary" that he isn't likely to come to terms with Eric Hyman on.  Source says keep an eye on Tubby Smith

- Tuesday 3/13 1:30 EST  South Carolina announces the firing of Darrin Horn after 4 years

-Tuesday 3/13 6:00  CBS Affiliate WLTX in Columbia, SC sports anchor Reggie Anderson reports Frank Martin is a candidate at South Carolina

-Wednesday Morning 3/14 Dixiefriedsports lists its top 15 list of USC Candidates. Martin is chosen as the headline photo 

-Thursday 3/15 Kansas State beats Southern Miss 70-64 in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament

-Saturday 3/17 Kansas State suspends Jamar Samuels for its 2nd round game against Syracuse

-Saturday 3/17 Kansas State loses to Syracuse 75-59 to end its season.  After the game Frank Martin delivers an emotional post game press conference

-Monday 3/19 multiple outlets report Frank Martin as a candidate for the South Carolina job

-Tuesday 3/20 Frank Martin is reported to be out recruiting

-Wednesday Morning 3/21 Frank Martin is reported to be part of CBS' Sweet 16 Coverage this weekend

-Wednesday Evening 3/21 Sources state Frank Martin has been in contact with South Carolina and would accept the Gamecocks job if offered by AD Eric Hyman

-Wednesday Evening 3/21 Kansas State AD John Currie releases the following statement at KStatesports.com http://www.kstatesports.com/blog/2012/03/letter-from-ad-john-currie---march-21.html

Good evening K-State Fans!

After the flight home Tuesday from Connecticut with our women's basketball team I have been back in the office going through the usual accumulation that results from a week on the road! Before I dig into the next stack, I do want to take a moment to offer my congratulations to both our basketball teams on another terrific season for each. Not only did both programs reach the 20-win mark again, but K-State was one of only 10 schools in the nation this year to have both its men's and women's teams win games in the NCAA tournament. I am very proud of the hard work of our student-athletes and coaches as we enjoy continued success both on the court and in the classroom.

As many of you are aware, we experienced a very unfortunate off-court issue last weekend involving our basketball student-athlete Jamar Samuels, and I want to take a minute to help our fans understand NCAA rules and processes related to situations like this.

First, as a member institution of the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA, we have an obligation to investigate potential rules violations. When information is given to us about potential violations we are expected to immediately work to determine if indeed a violation has occurred and, if so, whether the eligibility of a student-athlete is in question.

There are serious repercussions for an institution that knowingly plays a student-athlete who is potentially ineligible. These potential repercussions include forfeiture of contests, a "major" violation charge, and even charges of unethical conduct and failure to maintain an atmosphere of
compliance, as well as institutional probation and other sanctions.

After working throughout Friday night and Saturday morning, and consulting with the NCAA staff, it was determined that a violation had occurred, thus rendering Jamar ineligible to compete. During the first half we learned that Jamar would not be reinstated. We would have continued the reinstatement effort had we won the game and proceeded to the next round.

I do appreciate the access and immediate attention that numerous NCAA staff members gave us Friday evening and Saturday. I wish with all my heart that Jamar could have played Saturday. I'm grateful for the way our team battled throughout the game, for the passion that Coach Martin has
for our student-athletes and for the way Jamar visibly and vocally supported his teammates throughout the game.

We were one of 32 schools out of 338 NCAA Division I basketball-playing institutions to make the third round of the men's basketball tournament. All 338 are expected to abide by the rules of membership. And, the members can elect any year (and certainly have through the years) to change or modify rules. However, we can't decide on our own which rules we want to follow and which ones we don't, nor would we want to participate in an organization where members have such latitude.

We'll continue to work towards our vision of a model intercollegiate program at K-State, and our five goals, including winning championships. We'll do it with integrity and within the rules. It's the only way.

I appreciate our tremendous fans and the commitment to excellence of our coaches and student-athletes.

Go Cats

-Thursday 3/22 Frank Martin is a guest of Jim Rome's Radio Show during the 2nd hour.  Some Frank quotes and notes

"Those losses to end your season always stick in your mind"

"I'm all about the kids. We get judged on wins and losses, but I'm all about maximizing every team and making the hole better"

"This year's team did the best they could"

Martin has been recruiting the last couple days, as has been mentioned by others

Martin says Jamar Samuels didn't know he did anything wrong.  Samuels took the $200 from a "father figure", not some "agent".  Samuels has had some horrible family issues recently  and Martin brings up these examples

Martin breaks down Syracuse-Wisconsin game, Kansas, and some other teams left in the tourney.  Compliments Tom Izzo. 

"There's a reason IBM doesn't hire 18 year olds to run their company"  When talking about Kentucky

Mentions Bobby Huggins, Roy Williams, Bo Ryan, and Coach K as coaches he admires working today.  Had lots of positive things to say about Wisconsin and Michigan State

Nothing really breaking about this interview other than the fact you could tell Martin felt horrible that Samuels had to sit against Syracuse.  Also, he seems to stress love for his players. 

Friday 3/23  Frank Martin turns 46 today.  No word yet if the cake looked like this   or this

Friday 3/23 Tubby Smith's name has gotten hot lately.  Phil Kornblut, a radio host out of Columbia, SC says Smith is a candidate and has no buyout on his contract.   We at Dixiefriedsports don't believe Tubby will be the coach, but it's worth noting as Kornblut is well connected.   

Friday 3/23 Phil Kornblut of AM 560 out of Columbia, SC reports "a decision has been made and indications point to Martin"

Friday 3/23 GamecockCentral.com, a South Carolina Rivals site, reports Frank Martin interviewed in a hotel for 2 hours on Monday in Columbia, SC

Friday 3/23 Andy Katz reports Frank Martin is watching Jersey Boys with his wife and texted "I have not talked 2 anyone"  Katz added, that means South Carolina

Friday 3/23 Former Gamecock basketball player Carey Rich, who hosts a show on AM 560 in Columbia states "All signs point to Frank Martin as the guy to replace Darrin Horn at USC" on his twitter

Friday 3/23 BigShotSports.com reports Frank Martin has been hired by South Carolina and a presser will be held on Saturday.  After Dixiefriedsports contacts this group and explains to them Martin is working on CBS this weekend and South Carolina AD Eric Hyman will be in Fresno, CA for the NCAA Women's Sweet 16, the site quickly deletes the report

Friday 3/23 The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy reports South Carolina has requested permission from Kansas State to speak to Martin

Friday 3/23 South Carolina recruit and commit Tyrone Haughton from Frank Martin's hometown of Miami, FL tweets "I guess its official Frank Martin is gunna be my coach"

Friday 3/23 South Carolina AD Eric Hyman would not comment on situation while at South Carolina baseball game against Florida

Friday 3/23 Received word from someone strong on the KSU side of things that Martin's breaking point with KSU AD Currie could have been the letter he sent Wednesday 3/21(see above).  In the letter Currie says the NCAA suspended  Jamar Samuels, but it was Currie who did so.  An already poor relationship could have been fractured more by this letter, the KSU individual states.

Friday 3/23 Got an interesting email from a media friend covering the St. Louis Regionals that states John Groce from Ohio has come up in media chatter in SL.  I don't really think anything of this, but it's worth passing along.

Saturday 3/24 Reports come out that Frank Martin has a contract from South Carolina, but he has yet to sign it

Saturday 3/24 While on CBS Martin states the following
In the age of social media that we live in right now, it's crazy. I was scheduled to be at a press conference today in South Carolina and I was sitting watching a show in New York City last night. And obviously I'm sitting here with you guys today, so it's . . . The stuff that gets out these days, I look at it as a compliment that we're doing our job the right way at Kansas State that these sort of things get out."

Sunday 3/25 Martin was in studio again for CBS' coverage of the Elite 8

Monday 3/26 Expect an announcement to come late morning or early afternoon.  I'd expect a press conference in Columbia no later than Tuesday.
7:50 am EST

Monday 3/26 10:36 EST  The South Carolina BOT has announced a 10:00 am meeting for Tuesday to discuss a contract

Tuesday 3/27 10:45 AM EST Frank Martin introduced as head coach of South Carolina.  6 year $2 Million a year contract

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/03/24/4363823/frank-talk-from-coach-martin-on.html#storylink=cpy

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