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Vandy Marketing

James Franklin on Fox & Friends this morning

Vanderbilt Marketing

It seems like nearly everyday now I get sent a video showing off the wonderful things Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin is doing inside the Commodore Football program.  One day it's Franklin giving a scholarship to a walk-on fullback, the next he's selling ice cream on campus, and then he's appearing on Fox News Channel. 

You don't have to be a fan of Vanderbilt to respect the things Franklin is doing.  Currently Vanderbilt has the #15 recruiting class in the country(according to Rivals) and much of this has to do with the fantastic marketing work of James Franklin.   More than any team with a losing record a year ago, Vanderbilt is everywhere.  

Vanderbilt is a program that has never been to two consecutive bowl games.   It's a program that since 1950 ranks dead last in NCAA 1-A win pct with a 219-438-19 record. This is a private school in a conference full of football rabid public schools.   For this program to get any attention from the national media is an acommplishment, but for Franklin to do what he's doing is marvelous.

I don't believe Vandy is going to compete for a SEC East Division Championship in 2012, but I do believe that as long as Franklin is the head coach he will get as much out of this program that is possible.  

Here's a few of Franklin's recent videos that have made headlines

I'll be in Nashville in 2 weeks for the South Carolina-Vanderbilt College Football Opener.  I've been to Vanderbilt Stadium 5 times in the past, but I expect a far better atmosphere than I've seen in the past.  Vanderbilt fans are planning a "blackout" and the excitement around this program is like nothing I've seen at Vandy in the past. 

Now if I could only get the Commodores to bring back George to help market the program even more BRING BACK GEORGE

Matt Barber

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